Welcome to LaterThis

Hi and thank you for using LaterThis! This page contains some useful tools and tips on how to use LaterThis.


With bookmarklets you can fast and easy save links to LaterThis from any page that you want to read later. There are two versions of the LaterThis bookmarklet.

Drag the bookmarklets to your bookmarks bar to install.

LaterThis Drag this button to your bookmarks bar

Allows you to add details, including comments and tags.

LaterThis Quick Drag this button to your bookmarks bar

Saves links with one click, without entering any information.

Manually installing bookmarklets

If you are on a mobile device or have trouble installing, you might want to try installing the bookmarklets manually.

Install bookmarklets manually

Google Chrome Extension

LaterThis is available as Google Chrome Extension. The extension makes is fast and easy to save links and it gives you quick access to your LaterThis account.

Install LaterThis Google Extension

Synch with Instapaper

You can synch your LaterThis account with Instapaper by providing your your Instapaper RSS feed. All links you save to Instapaper will show up in your LaterThis account.

How to synch with Instapaper

Save from Google Reader

You can set up the "Send to feature" in Google Reader to allow sending articles to LaterThis.

How to use LaterThis with Google Reader